8 Most Accurate Ways to Distinguish Jordan 1 Shoes from Fake 2022

8 Most Accurate Ways to Distinguish Jordan 1 Shoes from Fake 2022


Counterfeit goods are a problem that makes consumers confused and headache when choosing to buy. So is there an easiest way to distinguish between real and fake Jordan 1 shoes?

Jordan is a very famous fashion brand. Especially Jordan 1 sneakers are loved by countless fashionistas. However, Jordan 1 shoes are often not cheap. Therefore, counterfeit products are rampant in the market, making it difficult for you to distinguish the real from the fake. To help readers own their favorite genuine shoes. calsoli.com will guide you how to distinguish the real and fake Jordan 1 most accurately.

How to distinguish real and fake Jordan 1 shoes through specific details on the product. If you follow the following instructions correctly, this distinction should not be too difficult.

1. Distinguishing through the smell of shoe glue

It sounds a bit absurd. But you can really tell the real Jordan 1 from the fake by smelling the glue of the shoe. You can directly smell the shoe’s glue to see what it smells like. If the glue smell is pleasant, there is no pungent smell, it proves that it is a real shoe. Because Jordan 1 will not use shoe glue that is of poor quality and has an unpleasant smell. Moreover, if the goods are fake, this glue is very easy to peel off during use. Therefore, you must be extremely attentive to choose genuine and quality Jordan 1 shoes for yourself.

“Smell” shoes to know if it’s real or fake

2. Distinguishing through shoe form

Checking the shoes for an “hourglass” shape is the last way for you to distinguish the real Jordan from the fake. If viewed from the back of the heel, you can see the hourglass shape thanks to the curvature in the middle.

The real thing has an hourglass shape

Moreover, a real Jordan 1 shoe is made of high-quality materials to create a smooth and soft feeling for the user. Moreover, the real Jordan 1 shoes have the ability to flex and recover to their original shape, not leaving folds like fake shoes.

3. Distinguish through the sole of the toe

How to distinguish the real and fake Jordan 1 through the sole of the toe: In the fake shoes, the contours of the leather pieces are cut quite rough. Especially on the toe. Occasionally these cuts can also be seen on genuine shoes. However, the frequency will not be as dense as the fake shoes.

The cut on the black leather on the toe of the shoe is quite messy in the fake shoes

4. Distinguished by the quality of the leather of the shoe

The 4th way to distinguish real Jordan shoes from fake ones is that you can distinguish through the quality of the leather of the shoes. For fake Jordan 1 shoes, the leather quality is relatively low. On the leather of fake shoes, there will be holes that are dense, dense and extremely even. Because that’s the mark of artificial leather. These holes are all clean due to machine stamping, unlike the pores of real cowhide in genuine Jordan shoes.

On the fake Jordan 1 shoes, there are holes that are neat and even

5. Distinguished by Wings logo

The Wings logo is a hallmark of Jordan 1 shoes. You need to pay attention to the words “AIR JORDAN TM” printed right on this Wings logo. For fakes, this line will look very thick or unclear, beautiful and elegant like genuine shoes. This inscription on real shoes, the strokes will look clearer, softer.

The text on real Jordan shoes will be clearer

In addition, you need to pay attention to the wing shape in the Air Jordan 1 logo. If you pay attention, you will see that the wings in fake shoes are thinner and longer than the real thing. Moreover, the distance between these wings is larger than the distance in real shoes. Therefore, we also feel the genuine wings are thicker and larger than the wings in imitation products.

6. Distinguished by the Nike Swoosh . logo

The Nike 1 Swoosh logo is also a point that helps you distinguish genuine Jordan 1 shoes and poor quality goods. The stitching on the Nike 1 logo will not be thin and the thread is too long like a fake. But on real shoes, the stitches on the Nike 1 Swoosh logo will be much shorter and more solid. Because Nike always pays attention to every stitch that makes the shoes, even the most fastidious people make them satisfied.

Moreover, the Nike Swoosh mark on the fake shoes will not be as beautiful and soft as on the real shoes. But this is also a rather subtle detail. If you are a longtime follower of Jordan 1, you will recognize it.

The stitches in the real row look clearer, more solid

7. Distinguished by trademark protection mark

If you pay attention, you will see ® on the bottom of the shoe. On real shoes, this circled R is printed with thin, elegant and clear strokes. Moreover, this letter R is also printed large and sharp. On the fake Jordan 1 shoes, the ® is bolder and more blurred than the real shoes. The font on the fake shoes is also not the same as the real shoes. This is a most reliable and recognizable feature when you want to check a pair of shoes is real or fake.

It’s easy to recognize through the trademark protection mark on the bottom of the shoe

8. Distinguishing through the heel part

How to check Jordan 1 shoes 1:1 rep against genuine in the last detail on Jordan 1 shoes helps you to distinguish the real or fake is the heel part. The heel design of the real Jordan 1 shoes has a more curved middle part of the Jordan 1 shoe than the imitation. When you look at them, they will look like an hourglass. The fake shoes have a slight curvature, which cannot be like the real ones. You should check the shoes when not wearing shoes to be able to see this feature more clearly. Because, when you put these shoes on your feet, you can hardly notice this feature.

The hip in the heel of the real Jordan 1 Jordan has more curvature

To distinguish real or fake Jordan 1 shoes, it is necessary to be meticulous and sophisticated, both in shoe buying experience and how to choose shoes . People who come into contact with different types of shoes. They can easily identify fake or genuine products. However, you need to choose a reputable store to shop with confidence. Especially when choosing to buy products of big brands, the price is not cheap like Jordan 1 shoes. calsoli.com is a reputable and quality address for you to trust to buy shoes. Censor.vn always commits to customers who buy Jordan 1 shoes at the shop:

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  • Warranty within 3 months of use if there is a condition of peeling glue, chipped thread.
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Above are the most accurate ways to distinguish real Jordan shoes that you can apply. With the above methods, hope you will evaluate the product quality for yourself and buy yourself a pair of genuine favorite shoes. Follow these tips carefully to not buy fake and poor quality goods.

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