Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Lost and Found” – Finding the lost glory

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Lost and Found” – Finding the lost glory


Recreate a legend

True to its name, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found” – old name: “Reimagined” , is a remake of the original Air Jordan 1 Chicago released in 1985. Seven years ago, Nike also released released a remake of this legendary shoe, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago in 2015. This version quickly became a favorite among fans of the Air Jordan 1 line . Until now, the Air Jordan Chicago 2015 version is currently selling for over $ 1,100, while the original 1985 release can only be found in museums or in collections from collectors. never mind.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago Edition (2015)

Coming back to this version, let’s see what Nike makes different on “Lost and Found” compared to its predecessor in 2015.

Shoes with the colors of time

Overall, the Air Jordan Retro Chicago 2015 and Lost and Found 2022 are both remakes of the 1985 Air Jordan Chicago, so there won’t be anything groundbreaking in these two shoes. Still keeping the same design and color, but I am really impressed with the Lost and Found 2022 version a lot more than Retro Chicago 2015 because of the spirit of these shoes.

If the 2015 version gives you a pair of shoes with flashy lines and glossy colors, the Lost and Found 2022 version is the opposite, bearing the sound of an old shoe. When looking at these two shoes, we can see that the Lost and Found has a much paler color than the other version, looks like an old pair of shoes that have been through the years, very true to the spirit of “Finding it again”. the past – Lost and Found” . And Nike accentuates this spirit even more when looking into the details of this shoe makes me extremely excited.

Overall, the shoes still use synthetic leather, but this leather is “strange” . First notice the red details – the dominant color of these Chicago shoes. These leather pieces have a slightly pale color, and Nike does not intend to polish them, so even though we have not touched them, we certainly still feel the beauty covered by its time.

Next is the white leather on the edge of the shoe and the toe, which gives a rough feel with large and small cracks on the surface. These marks are not as gross as the cracks caused by folding the toe of the shoes like the shoes we use every day. Instead, they create the feeling that the owner of this shoe must have cherished it, but in the end is still defeated by time.

Contrasting with the white details are patches of black leather with small, dense cracks. In the cracks of the black skin, revealing tiny white veins made me really impressed. Nike must have been very meticulous to create such natural and sophisticated lines.

About the durability of these details, I’m not sure because I haven’t felt it directly, but these details create a harmonious whole that clearly shows the spirit of Nike’s “Lost and Found”. In addition, the product is also packed in an ink-stained box with the “accessory” being a fake bill with the shopping sound of the 80s (purchase date on the invoice August 30, 1986 with the content showing this is the last sale) makes me quite excited.

A very collectible pair of shoes

With what Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found” brings, Nike brings an old nostalgic sound. According to ‘s assessment , these shoes are especially worthy to be collected. These shoes do not give you a hot feeling, nor make you stand out in the crowd. It is even possible that it will make you criticized “the thing that has forever broken shoes that won’t change”.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes to wear, the 2015 Chicago version is more suitable. However, for those with cultural depth, especially those who love the American breath of the 80s with basketball and Air Jordan, “Lost and Found” is a precious gift. What could be more wonderful when in your collection there is a pair of shoes bearing the sound of a glorious past? Nike has done a great job with this with the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found”.

For a shoe that is as collectible as the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found”, it is sure to be highly sought after. These shoes are meticulously cared for by Nike and carry a unique cultural background, a far cry from the cheap bales from Balenciaga that the fanatic crowd raved about not long ago. Therefore, the price of “Lost and Found” on the resell market is very unpredictable, but predicts it will be at $600 or more.

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